Whenever we have a tendency to hear regarding ny we expect in giant buildings and Brobdingnagian cities covering thousands of sq. miles, all coated with concrete and steel, however there ar places packed with stunning vegetation and packed with life, wherever individuals will go and relax for a weekend or perhaps take a lot of days to seek out peace and relaxation. And believe it or not these reasonably places ar right within the middle of the state, that’s right, a paradise encircled by cities.
Rest and relaxation

That’s the case of the mountain chain Mountains in ny. individuals making an attempt to induce your time for rest and relaxation, ofttimes visit this specific reasonably destinations, however you'll additionally do several different activities like aquatic sports, hiking, camping, athletics and cycling. There ar regarding 650,000 acres within the Catskill Park, what makes it one in every of the lasrgest natural areas within the USA, that features several habitation locations. Among the foremost visited places for habitation within the Catskills: very little lake,  North-South Lake, Bear Spring Mountain and Mongaup lake.

A natural place of fun

One of the most effective places to travel throughout it slow at the mountain chain is Bear Spring Mountain bivouac, very acknowledged for its nice searching and fishing, additionally as its inexperienced areas for campers; you'll even bring a horse. If you would like to try to to some fishing you have got the right spot here at the mountain chain, the Catskill Fish place is found in Sullivan County close to the of the 2 of latest York State’s unreal trout streams and therefore the Village of American Revolutionary leader Manor, the Willowemoc Creek and Beaver Kill.  Annually regarding one hundred fifteen,000 pounds of trout ar made.

Quick weekend getaway

The mountain chain of latest York ar only 1 of these good destinations for a fast weekend getaway with family or friends, wherever the sole issue that may worry you isn't eager to leave.


Travel Guard's insurance plans will embrace flight accident coverage and flight cancellation coverage for once you travel. Plans could embrace increased disbursal coverage, trip cancellation/interruption coverage as a result of work reasons and involuntary job loss, 24/7 emergency travel, health services and a lot of. 

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Tourism Belgium - Germany - Austria - Czech Republic - destination not to be missed starts from Viet Nam

Day 03:
 Vienna After breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Pick up the delegation to visit the City of Vienna - Austria's largest city is also one of the city's culture, arts and tourism the most important, oldest in Europe .... visit: Belvedere Palace - the palace of imperial Austria, was built in 1714. The Palace is a masterpiece of Vienna. HofburgPalace palace - built in 1279, was the residence of the Emperor of Austria is now the name of Presidential villa. You visit: Michaeler Platz Square. Karls Kirche Cathedral - built in 1715 - 1739, was an important architectural works of Vienna. This chapel was built for a country famous saint shirt. Stephans Cathedral - built from the XIV century architectural style Gothique. This is a typical structure for Vienna and also the second largest cathedral in the world. 12h00: lunch at the restaurant. Afternoon: Shopping free shopping, goods and souvenirs for relatives and friends. 18h30: Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Vienna. Day 4: Vienna - Brno - Prague (Czech Republic) After breakfast at the hotel you prepare luggage. 09h00: Depart Arrive Prague (Czech Republic). On the way stop had lunch and visit the city of Brno - the capital of Moravia. Visit Brno.Sau capital which continue to depart for Prague. Arrived, the car to go to dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at hotel in Prague. Day 5: Prague Breakfast at the hotel. 09h00: Xe and local guides welcome Visit the Capital of Prague all day. Prague - which is considered the only city in Europe remains intact to this day. It has hundreds of palaces, magnificent temples of gold, splendid, so called city Praha hundred ancient gold tower - the heart of Europe, also known as "poem in stone". .. You visit: Democracy Square Square also known as "chicken", Hradčany district - the oldest district of Prague, on the square is the town hall for the observatory 14th century . On the observation deck, the famous astronomical clock, over 400 years, not the wrong one minute, every hour, Jesus and the 12 apostles turned away a ring. in the roof of the clock with golden roosters, just 12 noon to take the crowing glory. That's why it is called the Square "chicken". People say that if anyone heard cocks crowing, the tour will have much luck. Stranov hill, where ancient castle - half for the visitors, the work of the president and those who run the country. Lunch at the restaurant. Afternoon: Visit the Royal Castle of Prague, St Vitus Cathedral, St. George Monastery, the Royal Summer Palace (Royal Palace). Dine under the program. Overnight at hotel. Day 06: Prague Have breakfast at the hotel. 09h00: Xe and local guide welcome you to visit famous landmarks of Prague with Charles Bridge, Church of St Nicholasy, Nerudova street, WallensteinPalace Palace. Lunch at the restaurant. Afternoon: Visit Square to Old Town Square, Municipal House, Art Deco Museum. Overnight at hotel. Freedom and dinner at the restaurant. Day 07: Prague Have breakfast at the hotel. You are free to relax all day, shopping for souvenirs, gifts for relatives, walking promenade or shopping street in the commercial center, home to visit friends (if you have friends in Prague). Day 08: Prague - Hanoi Morning: Breakfast at the hotel. You are free to ride out to the airport hours to about Vietnam. Overnight on board. Day 09: Hanoi Go to Noi Bai International Airport. Car Pick up at Noi Bai .Ending the program. See you later!


conquering mountains
From Matt: For close to a year, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse has been writing a monthly column on solo female travel for this website. She’s covered WWOOFing in South Africa, hitchhiking in China, safety tips, what to tell naysayers, and much, much more. Over the last few months in response to many emails and inquiries, Kristin and I worked together on a guide to solo female travel. It includes lots of practical travel information but also tips and advice that are specific to women and their travel needs. It’s an awesome book. Here’s Kristin in her own words describing the book and what makes it so special.
When I first decided to travel the world alone several years ago, I was just like many of you — nervous, scared, and unsure if I was going to make it out alive. People worried I would end up like characters in the movie Taken, raped, or worse.
“It’s a dangerous world. Haven’t you seen the news?” they would say to me.
Their fears and doubts were infectious.
I was so scared and worried by their comments that it took me a full year to execute my plan, beginning with a one-way ticket to Asia. I had to build up my courage (and savings) for the trip first.
I remember wishing there was some sort of all-inclusive guide that could answer every travel and safety question I had. I was looking for reassurance that I was going to be OK, and I wanted someone to make the planning process simple for me, so that I could feel more confident about it all.
And as a woman who planned to travel alone, I never felt that the general “travel the world” books that did exist really dealt with my situation or me personally.
Fast forward three years: since then I’ve hitchhiked around China, driven a car across South Africa, trekked for weeks in Nepal without a guide, learned how to say “thank you” in nearly 40 languages, and met many amazing people along the way, all while traveling on my own.
It turned out that solo travel was something I could do, and all those fears were for naught.
However, no matter how much I blog here or on my own website, I get emails every day from women in the same position that I was in back in the beginning — dying to travel the world, nervous, unsure where to start, and looking for a book that speaks to them.
This isn’t the first guidebook out there that deals with solo female travel, but I found that the other guidebooks I read all failed to deal with the biggest issue of all: getting over the fear. When I started my journey I wanted to feel safe and encouraged, and I wanted practical tips about how to head off the beaten path, meet locals, and have unique, authentic experiences. This book lives up to its title – it helps to kill your fears so that you can be the architect of your own adventure.
If you are worried about going solo, ruining future job prospects, risking your safety, and explaining your desire to see the world to friends and family who don’t understand, this guide is for you.

Conquering Mountains: A Guide to Fearless Solo Female Travel

conquering mountains: solo female travel by kristin addisAfter years of solo traveling, writing a widely read solo female travel blog (named one of the Top 10 Vagabonding Blogs by USA Today), and serving as an expert on solo female travel for the likes of the BBC, Trip Advisor for Business, Wise Bread, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and many others, I’ve put together the ultimate comprehensive guide for women considering a new life of travel.
I’ve written this practical guide for solo female travelers because embarking on this new lifestyle can seem like a monumental, daunting task. In reality, more people are taking trips alone every year, with solo traveler numbers jumping from 13% of travelers in 2013 to 36% today.
When the planning process is broken down into manageable pieces, it becomes much simpler and even exciting.
Most of all, I want to reassure you that it is going to be OK. Let go of your fears, stop holding back, and become one of the increasing number of women who decide to live their own adventure.
What’s in this book? 
Turn the most nerve-wracking parts of the solo traveling process — getting over the fear, saving, planning, and staying safe — into a piece of cake!
Each concern is addressed in detail so that anyone with a dream of traveling solo for the first time can make it a reality.
  • Learn how to get over the fear of traveling alone quickly and effectively.
  • Discover how to build the self-confidence you need to embark on the journey of a lifetime.
  • Deal with naysayers painlessly and effectively.
  • Master the art of saving up with easy, little-known tips and tricks to jump-start and streamline the process.
  • Learn how to travel for free, with an entire section devoted to working, living, and volunteering on the road.
  • Use money-stretching financial tips from Harvard-educated experts, banking advice, and tips on how to keep costs down.
  • Earn more while traveling by exploring a multitude of creative ways to tap into the sharing economy.
  • Make your résumé shine, using my expert tips to leverage your travels.
  • Plan your trip with regional, ticketing, and budgeting advice from top solo female travel experts and get sample packing lists, healthcare advice, and every little detail you need to take care of before embarking.
  • Meet others easily using the tried-and-true tips I’ve developed over three years of solo traveling.
  • Stay safe with extensive resources on how to avoid being a target and how to deal with things going wrong quickly and painlessly.
  • Stay connected with friends and family while abroad easily—and for free!
  • Save time with the links and resources in the book — your one-stop guide to a successful solo journey.
  • Ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime and don’t miss out, thanks to a section dedicated to maximizing the solo journey.
The information in this book was compiled using my own firsthand experience after three years of successful solo travel, but I didn’t stop there. I asked 15 other well-established solo traveling women to give me their best advice – and they are extensively quoted throughout the book. Additionally, there are 6 in-depth case study interviews from other female travelers like yourself:
Christine, 27, USAMarilynn, 67, USADijana, 34, Bosnia
Tara, 21, CanadaJaimee 27, USAWilaiwan, 54, Thailand
Many of the guidebooks on the market today are too general, or are geared towards women but written by men (what?!). They don’t take into account the specific needs and concerns that women have, and it was high time that a book directly addressed those needs. This guide delves deeply into safety, features packing lists created especially for women, and helps you to have the most enriching solo travel experience possible.Conquering Mountains will save you the hours upon hours you’d otherwise spend researching online, looking at advice that may not even be trustworthy.


conquering mountains: solo female travel by kristin addisThis 101-page book with case studies is available as a PDF that you can read on your computer, Kindle, iPad, or any other electronic device you have for $14.99! All you need to do is download it once and it’s yours forever — plus you can take these resources with you on your trip.

In writing this guide, I wanted to make it clear that I’m not special or extraordinarily brave just because I travel alone. There is no special personality type or formula that makes one person a better solo traveling candidate than another.
Just because right now you’re living a life that feels ordinary, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something extraordinary. Just because someone doubts your abilities doesn’t mean that he is right. Don’t let fear hold you back from doing what’s in your heart.
Prove to yourself how fearless and amazing you can really be. Conquering Mountains will help you get there.
Go from armchair traveler to courageous and fearless world traveler. Take the guesswork and researching out of the solo travel process, so that you can get right into the important stuff — enjoying your trip of a lifetime.
This is your chance to know yourself better, meet people from all over the world, experience amazing kindness, and develop strength and perseverance that you might have never known you had.
Whether you’re embarking on an endless trip or taking a shorter introductory jaunt, solo traveling is one of life’s greatest gifts and it’s something that you can make happen!

2015 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Quattro Review: Classic Flair

Introduced first in 1998, the Audi TT became an instant hit among the car design connoisseurs and has earned the honour of being a modern classic during the course of its three generation old history. Maintaining its compact, distinguished and fresh new take on design in the rather serious world of Audi cars, the TT has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular templates of a lightweight sports car in the modern era.

In its latest avatar, the TT gets underpinned by VW group’s MQB architecture which also works underneath cars such as the VW Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia. The MQB platform essentially offers a FWD layout with the flexibility of being able to adopt a four-wheel drive system.

new Audi TT India review2015 (4)
The new TT is the most compact car within the VW group to employ the platform.

Spunkier, more chiselled than ever, and boasting an interior which both users and critics have been raving about, the TT has been re-imagined to be more desirable and enjoyable than ever in its newest iteration. Here’s our detailed review.

Design and style

In a world where every successive model is getting longer and wider, the TT has managed to shrink in size, even with an extension in its wheelbase by 37mm. The new TT is very marginally shorter and narrower than the model it replaces, though it doesn’t look like it. Advanced aluminium and steel construction has shaved off about 50 kg from the car’s weight, making it lighter, nimbler and more efficient too.

In its latest form, the TT stands true to its original shape and proportions, and there is no mistaking it for anything else. It’s as distinctive in form as say a 911, or a Mini, which is a daunting feat for a car with a much shorter history. While the original TT was quite curvy and more bean-shaped, the MY 2015 car is more rakish, sculpted and sharply styled than any of its predecessors.

new 2015 Audi TT 2.0 tfsi front (2)

Up front, the new TT gets a hexagonal Audi single frame grille with pronounced corners and glossy plastic innards featuring seven horizontal and six vertical stripes. The grille is flanked by aggressively styled, angular air scoops with a honeycomb mesh within. The front bumper also features a wide, though narrow slit beneath the grille for enhanced aggressiveness and a visually wider, squatter stance.

The bonnet lip is angled sharply, with deliberately pronounced, gapped shut-lines to underline what has always been a TT signature. The small surface between the grille and the edgy headlamps almost forms a mini air-scoop under the bonnet’s shut line. The razor sharp headlights are relentlessly angular, feature sharply styled DRLs, and share styling cues with the upcoming second generation R8.

On the sides, flared wheel arches and the signature gap between the front fender and the bonnet is present as ever to lend the TT its most unmistakable styling cue. The shut-line curves around the fender as it always has in the past. The bonnet-line extends as a pronounced, tight crease all the way back into the car’s tail-lamps.

Other notable elements on the sides include the 18 inch 10 spoke wheels, the aircraft style, TT embossed, aluminium finish fuel tank cap and that forcefully dropping coupe roofline. The area under the door sills extends out and gets a bulge towards the rear for that added dash of sportiness.

new 2015 Audi TT India images (2)
At the rear, the low, wide and squat stance of the car underlines its sporty character. The LED tail lamps, emulating the sharply styled theme of the headlamps are joined by an array of LED brake lights spanning the width of the boot-lid. The Audi emblem is flanked by TT lettering on the left and 45TFSI quattro badging on the right. Under the rear bumper, a pronounced, blacked out surface housing twin, round exhausts signifies the car’s performance oriented personality. Then there are diffusers to let the trailing traffic know the pedigree of the car ahead.

The TT in its newest iteration has not lost even an ounce of its signature disposition. Staying true to its template, the new TT has evolved into the most muscular, chiselled and aggressive version of the sports car to date.

Engine, performance & driving dynamics

The 2.0 TFSI engine on the TT is designed as a dual character mill, meant to offer everyday usability while also packing a punch. Thanks to its high compression ratio and efficient combustion, the engine really delivers not just on performance and usability parameters, but is highly fuel efficient too. During our test run of nearly 300 km, we saw an average efficiency of nearly 10kmpl, even with some spirited driving. Now that’s an impressive number in the real world for a car that boasts 227 bhp (4500 rpm) of power, 370 Nm of torque (1600 rpm), sprints to 100 from a standstill in 5.3 seconds and is capable of breaching the 250 km/h mark. And just in case you thought that wasn’t enough, the new TT also produces 11 percent less emissions than the version it replaces.

2015 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI India review

Lighter, faster and more involving than ever, the new TT is the first model carrying the nameplate that truly has the performance to match its personality. Transmission is taken care of by a 6-speed dual clutch S-Tronic automatic, which is quick and efficient as ever and plays perfect foil to that rev happy, torquey, turbo charged engine. All that power is laid down onto the tar via a revised Quattro AWD, offering great levels of all-weather grip, fantastic agility and loads of smiles, with some help from that short wheelbase.

The engine loves being revved, and offers a heady discharge of torque from lower down the rev range to make the new TT both tractable at low revs and exciting once you decide to bury the pedal. The engine is incredibly smooth with a muffled sporty tone till mid revs, after which it gets enjoyably loud, particularly in Dynamic mode where the engine sound is amplified and is clearly audible inside the cabin. At no point does the 2.0 litre four cylinder engine resist being taken all the way up to its 6750 rpm redline.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 and S500

Mercedes-Benz India launched the ultra luxurious Maybach twins in India today. While the flagship Mercedes-Maybach S600 will be imported to India as a CBU, the Mercedes-Maybach S500 will be locally assembled here in Pune. Prices for the S600 start at INR 2.67 Crore, while the S500 can be had at INR 1.67 Crore; both prices ex-showroom Pune.

Mercedes-Benz resurrected the Maybach moniker in 2015, with the formation of a a new Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand. The last resurrection of the Maybach brand didn’t go too well, as the W221 S-Class based Maybach 57 and 62 twins didn’t really catch the fancy of plutocrats around the globe. This time however, things have been spruced up significantly to satisfy plutocratic whims.

Still based on a S-Class, but this time on the opulent and conquering W222 generation, the new Maybach is available in two sizes; large and extra large, along with a couple of engine options. The XL size is called the Pullman, a 21.5 feet long limousine that Hitler would have proud of.

The Maybach we’re getting is the “regular” one, still measuring 5453 mm long, along with 3365 mm, wheelbase, noticeably longer than even the long wheelbase, “regular” S-Class saloon. Billed as the “world’s quietest production saloon car,” Mercedes says the cars boast impressive “aeroacoustics,” with extensive wind-tunnel tests and special seals and insulation used to reduce wind noise inside the car as much as possible.


Unique to the Mercedes-Maybach are features like nappa leather upholstered interiors, an intelligent climate control system which ionizes, adds fragrance and efficiently filters the air inside, and executive class, sliding loungers with handcrafted champagne flutes at the back. The rear seats also imbibe a ‘Hot Stone Massage’ feature, with a folding table and standard extended leg support for both rear passengers or the rear seat entertainment system.

Even the panoramic sunroof is special – the glass can be switched to light or dark at the touch of a button and thus creating a special interior ambience. Aural adulation comes courtesy a 1540 watt Burmester 3D surround system with 24 speakers, while the mood cab be swayed by the seven colour ambient lighting feature. Further personalization involves the designo package, which offers a raft of luxury interior trim/colour and exterior colour options, along with a choice of three, 19″ alloy wheel designs.


The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 additionally features an intelligent ‘MAGIC BODY CONTROL’ suspension, head-up display, front seat massagers for driver and co-driver, and an anti-theft protection package to name a few. Safety and assistance systems in Mercedes-Maybach S-Class includes 12 air-bags, Night Vision Assist Plus, a 360 degree camera, Active Parking Assist, LED headlamps, Crosswind Assist, and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to name a few. However, the most unique safety feature is the rear seat beltbags and cushion bags. The beltbag is an inflatable seat belt strap that reduces the load on the ribcage in a front impact and is thus able to reduce the risk of injury to passengers in the rear.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 will be powered by a 5980cc V12 biturbo engine that would generate an output of 530 hp and maximum torque of 830 Nm. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 completes the sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 5.0 seconds, while the top speed is 155 mph (electronically limited). The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 comes with the latest evolution of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission.

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 (5)

The 4663 cc V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes-Maybach S 500 would produce an output of 455 hp, while peak torque is rated at 700 Nm. The Mercedes-Maybach S 500 is equipped as standard with new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission.


New 488 Spider is equipped with V8 engines rating at one of the most powerful cars in _ Ferrari siblings.

Ferrari new 488 GTB supercar was officially unveiled in February 2015. So far, six months later, the convertible version of the new 488 GTB Ferrari supercar was quickly introduced to the worldwide consumers.


It can be said new 488 Spider is _ equipped with V8 engines _ rating at one of the most powerful cars in _ Ferrari siblings _. Like the coupe version, Ferrari new 488 Spider is equipped with a V8, twin-turbo, 3.9 liter capacity, maximum power of 660 horsepower. Thanks to this, Ferrari new 488 Spider supercar can accelerate from 0-100 km / h _within 3 seconds and 0-200 km / h within_ 8.7 seconds.


According to Ferrari, new 488 Spider with folding hardtop version is 25 kg lighter than the felt one . However, both versions are able to close and open within 14 seconds. Meanwhile, In comparison with coupe version, Ferrari new 488 Spider weighs just over 50 kilograms with 1,420 kg dry weight. Also, the Ferrari new 488 Spider is also 10 kg lighter than the 458 Spider seniors.

In addition, the Ferrari 488 Spider is also equipped chassis with torsional rigidity like coupe version. For doing this, Ferrari 488 Spider’s chassis was made of 11 different aluminum alloys. Thus, Ferrari 488 Spider was 23% stiffer than 458 Spider.


Ferrari said the 488 Spider’s _ has owned the best aerodynamics so far . It is equipped with rear spoiler like the Ferrari 488 GTB . Th next are the glass power windows which operates as the windshield and customize as per 3 different positions to ensure the most comfortable for the passenger in the car when lowering the hood down. When closing the hood, door glass can be descended completely to the driver to enjoy engine sound.


Like the coupe version, the Ferrari 488 Spider’s is also equipped with control systems of SSC2 sliding angle. The system allows Ferrari 488 Spider to accelerate 12% faster when exiting corners compared to 458 Spider.

As planned, the Ferrari 488 Spider will be officially unveiled at 2015 Frankfurt exhibition taking place next september. At this time, Ferrari 488 Spider’s’s price has not been announced will probably be higher than the coupe version, as the traditional rule in car world.


Pagani HUAYRA “The King” 1 of 1 of 1 is the third unique version of the “wind god” in the US market following La Monza Lisa and 730S. A unique version _ new Pagani Huayra entitled “The King” 1 of 1 of 1 were delivered to customers in the US market. This is the third unique version of the ” wind god” Pagani HUAYRA in the US market, following La Monza Lisa and 730S.


Compared to the standard car which was already very unique, Pagani “The King” 1 of 1 of 1 possesses many different details. We can say that this has been the most special Pagani supercar _ so far. The body of the car is equipped with featured carbon fiber _ . Prominent on carbon fiber is white details on the bonnet, top car and the car door shaped the wing.


Apart from the eye-catching and unique exterior , Pagani “The King” 1 of 1 of 1 also accompanies interior space “ton sur ton”. In the car, carbon fiber and white color continue to be applied to make the highlight opposed to black leather upholstery. Temporarily, there is no specific information for drivetrain of Pagani “The King” 1 of 1 of 1. It is predicted that car continue to use the standard drivetrain with a V12, 6.0 liter capacity, maximum capacity of 720 horsepower and maximum torque of 740 lb-ft. The power is transmitted to the rear axle through the gearbox 7 level. Thus, “wind god” Pagani HUAYRA can accelerate within under 3 seconds. Some other pictures for_ Pagani Huaya “The King” 1 of 1 of 1: